Differentiating Instruction in the Regular Classroom: How to Reach and Teach All Learners

Paperback. Differentiating Instruction in the Regular Classroom - Paperback. Differentiated instruction lesson plans are provided as templates and forms, with examples to illustrate differentiation in many content areas. Great for learning team meetings! in this updated edition of the popular and trusted guide, Diane Heacox provides a practical introduction to differentiation and explains how differentiated instruction can work in a wide range of settings to provide variety and challenge in how teachers teach and in how students learn.

176 pages.

Building Academic Vocabulary: Teacher's Manual Professional Development

Suggestions for tailoring academic vocabulary procedures for English Language Learners. Using the teacher s manual and vocabulary notebooks, educators can guide students in using tools and activities that will help them deepen their own understanding of critical academic vocabulary--the building blocks for achievement in each discipline.

Samples and blackline masters for a variety of review activities and games that reinforce and refine student understanding of the academic terms and concepts they learn. In building academic Vocabulary: Teacher s Manual, Robert J. Marzano and Debra J. The six-step method encourages students to learn critical academic vocabulary by connecting these terms to prior knowledge using linguistic and non-linguistic means that further encourage the refinement and deepening of their understanding.

Pickering give teachers a practical way to help students master academic vocabulary. In the manual, schools, readers will find the following tools: a method to help teachers, and districts determine which academic vocabulary terms are most essential for their needs A six-step process for direct instruction in subject area vocabulary A how-to to help students use the Building Academic Vocabulary: Student Notebook.

. Research has shown that when teachers, and districts take a systematic approach to helping students identify and master essential vocabulary and concepts of a given subject area, schools, student comprehension and achievement rises. The book also includes a list of 7, 923 vocabulary terms culled from the national standards documents and other publications, organized into 11 subject areas and 4 grade-level categories.

Building academic vocabulary: teacher s Manual puts into practice the research and ideas outlined in Marzano s previous book Building Background Knowledge for Academic Achievement.

School Law for Teachers: Concepts and Applications

This book provides a broad legal background and helps teachers understand their rights and responsibilities, as well as, the rights of their students. School law for teachers covers the issues that are greatest concern to teachers today, namely employment and tenure, education of students with disabilities, students' rights, student discipline and due process, teacher discipline, negligence and defamation, teachers' legal responsibilities, teachers' rights, discrimination and harassment, and religion.

Inservice teachers, School Administrators, and Special Educators.

Balanced Assessment: From Formative to Summative

She explains a process of analyzing the standards, deciding precisely what knowledge and skills will have to be taught and assessed, and then planning instruction to prepare students to demonstrate that they have met or exceeded the standards. This feedback helps teachers modify and differentiate their instruction to help all students meet the standard.

Solution Tree. Both tools serve a dual function. Burke explains that the very same assessment can be both formative and summative, depending on when it is administered and the purpose for which it is used. Most are teacher created. Not all summative assessments are, as is often assumed, high-stakes state tests.

Perhaps most significantly, both tools can help students assess their own performance and direct their own learning. In fact, Dr. Formative assessments are administered frequently during a learning segment to provide feedback to both teachers and students about concepts and skills that students are having difficulty understanding or mastering.

Because each grade level or content area can have hundreds of standards, the best approach is for teachers to work together in teams to plan instruction and develop common assessments. They break down a process or task, such as writing a persuasive essay, into manageable steps for students to follow, and they provide feedback about a student s progress.

This book makes clear that the distinction between the two types of assessment is not as rigid as many people believe.

Closing the Attitude Gap: How to Fire Up Your Students to Strive for Success

In this inspiring and thought-provoking follow-up to his 2009 best-seller Motivating Black Males to Achieve in School and in Life, Baruti Kafele makes the case that the "attitude gap" that often affects underperforming students can only be closed if educators first help students develop the will to strive for excellence.

. According to kafele, educators can achieve remarkable results by focusing on five key areas:* the teacher's attitude toward students* The teacher's relationship with students* The teacher's compassion for students* The learning environment* The cultural relevance of instructionReplete with practical strategies and illustrative anecdotes drawn from the author's 20-plus years as a teacher and principal in inner-city schools, Closing the Attitude Gap offers a wealth of lessons and valuable insights that educators at all levels can use to fire up their students' passion to learn.

Solution Tree.

How to Assess Authentic Learning

Corwin Publishers. This updated edition helps k–12 teachers build observation checklists, develop unit plans, and design performance tasks and rubrics that address mandated academic standards Solution Tree.

Assessment of Giftedness: A Concise and Practical Guide, Second Edition

Corwin Publishers. Second edition what tests are used to identify giftedness? how are decisions made about placement and services after a battery of tests have been administered? Beyond standardized testing, how do students qualify for services? A guide for parents, teachers, and university students seeking to identify and/or work with the gifted.

It conveys: a history of assessing and identifying giftedness traditional and non-traditional measures for identifying the gifted procedures and test instruments used for appropriate and accurate assessment guidance for identifying giftedness among subpopulations methods for recognizing giftedness in the primary grades the importance of classroom teachers in the assessment process It also provides: many practical classroom ideas and activities for nurturing potential giftedness an Activity Book for students and teachers for each chapter About the author: Julie Lamb Milligan is a professor at Arkansas State University.

Solution Tree. Used book in Good Condition. She was for eighteen years a teacher and administrator in school districts throughout Arkansas before becoming a professor of education at the university. In the past decade she has published numerous articles in professional journals and publications that concern themselves with educating the gifted.

In gifted education and curriculum and instruction is from Kent State University. Milligan's Ph. D.

The Strategic Teacher: Selecting the Right Research-Based Strategy for Every Lesson

The authors have combined their years of research and practice to deliver reliable, flexible teaching and learning strategies grounded in current, high-impact, highly regarded research to teachers at all levels of experience. Twenty reliable, flexible strategies along with dozens of variations are organized into groups of instruction.

Are you looking for high-impact, research-based strategies to transform your students into high-achieving and inspired learners? In The Strategic Teacher, you?ll find a repertoire of strategies designed and proven to meet today's high standards and reach diverse learners. Used book in Good Condition. To guide teachers in delivering content to students, the authors started with the best research-based teaching and learning strategies and created a tool called the Strategic Dashboard.

Solution Tree. Corwin Publishers. Used book in Good Condition. The dashboard provides information about each teaching strategy in a concise, visual profile; it is also designed to document how you incorporate current, highly respected research into your plans.

How to Differentiate Instruction in Mixed-Ability Classrooms, 2nd Edition Professional Development

Used book in Good Condition. In this 2nd edition of a book that has provided inspiration to countless teachers, Carol Ann Tomlinson offers three new chapters, extended examples and information in every chapter, and field-tested strategies that teachers can use in today's increasingly diverse classrooms.

Tomlinson shows how to use students' readiness levels, interests, and learning profiles to address student diversity. Used book in Good Condition. Corwin Publishers. Used book in Good Condition. Solution Tree.

Leading and Managing a Differentiated Classroom Professional Development

Association for Supervision Curriculum Deve. Used book in Good Condition. The first half of the book focuses on what it means for a teacher to effectively lead a differentiated classroom. Readers will learn how to be more confident and effective leaders for and in student-focused and responsive classrooms. Used book in Good Condition.

Used book in Good Condition. In leading and managing a Differentiated Classroom, Carol Ann Tomlinson and Marcia B. Corwin Publishers. Solution Tree. Imbeau tackle the issue of how to address student differences thoughtfully and proactively.

TEXES PPR EC-12 Study Guide: Test Prep and Practice Test Questions for the TEXES Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities EC-12 160 Exam

Each cirrus test prep study guide includes: a detailed summary of the test’s format, content, and scoring; an overview of the content knowledge required to pass the exam; worked-through sample questions with answers and explanations; full-length practice tests including answer explanations; and unique test-taking strategies with highlighted key concepts.

Cirrus test prep’s texes ppr ec – 12 study guide includes a comprehensive review of: students as Learners The Instructional Process Assessment Professional Development, Leadership, and Community Ethics …as well as a FULL practice test. Association for Supervision Curriculum Deve. Solution Tree.

About cirrus test prep developed by experienced current and former educators, Cirrus Test Prep’s study materials help future educators gain the skills and knowledge needed to successfully pass their state-level teacher certification exams and enter the classroom. Imagine a study guide actually designed for teachers! Because we know you’ve got a busy life, we’ve developed a study guide that isn’t like other certification materials out there.

Corwin Publishers. With cirrus test prep’s unofficial texes ppr ec – 12 study guide: test prep and practice Test Questions for the TExES Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities EC – 12 160 Exam you get a swift but full review of everything tested on your certification exam. Cirrus test prep’s study materials ensure that new educators feel prepared on test day and beyond.

Used book in Good Condition.